Utilizing Video Marketing for Pay per Call Lead Generation

The year is 2018 and video marketing has proven to become one of the most effective ways of getting content gobbled by your target audience. In fact, a research carried out by Wyzowl shows that:

• 82% of video marketers say they have more ROI on videos, and 82% of them have made it their key strategy.
• 73% of people who are not video marketers have actually bought products after viewing a video it’s promoted in.
• 97% of businesses which make use of explainer videos say it gives users a better understanding of their business.
• 94% of businesses say video is an effective marketing tool.
Considering that video marketing is becoming widely accepted, utilizing it in pay per call campaigns for lead generation seems to be the next best idea. A video content embedded in a website with a solid and strategically placed pay per call lead generation call-to-action is surely going to convert for most businesses.
Ever wondered why there are more explainer videos seeking you to take action and see all your problems solved by the company expert? A 30-second video content that says all the right things and shows you all the right views would convert more customers than an in-depth blog with 3,000-word content.

Ultimately pay per call campaigns form a reliable pay per call marketplace  is an amazing strategy to coordinate alongside your video strategy.

This one minute video by Dollar Shave Club proves just that!


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